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Product Safety Services

LASER PRODUCT SAFETY LLC has on staff and available, a combined 75+ years experience working at Underwriters Laboratories Inc. in traditional product safety (risk of electric shock, fire and injury) in multiple product categories, certification programs, testing and services. We have the experience, the knowledge, and the right contacts. The following are some of the product safety certification programs, testing and standards we can provide answers and/or guidance for. Since we operate as a  TUV America Inc. Associate laboratory, a National Certified Body of the IECEE CB Scheme, we can test your device and obtain a CB Report and Certificate for your product, which will also make your device eligible to bear the CE Mark. Whatever you need to market your product anywhere in the world, and we offer it all under the same roof, with one product submittal.  

If you have product safety questions or need guidance and its not in the list below, we may still be able to help get you answers. Just contact us with your questions and we will provide answers and guidance. (However, if you would like us to perform a detailed construction review and/or testing on an actual sample of your product, there would be an engineering charge involved depending on the specific details and scope. Also, for an engineering charge, we can test your product and obtain a CB Report and Certificate on your product, and guide your product through the entire certification process for any of the world safety test houses.) For product safety assistance, we will try to get you answers within 24 hours, however, turnaround time would depend on the current workload.


CB Scheme Certification
CE Mark
WEEE 2002/96/EC
RoHS 2002/95/EC
ISO 9000 Certification
Field Evaluations
UL/C-UL Mark
UL Client Test Data Program (CTDP)
UL Witness Test Data Program (WTDP)
UL Certified Agent Program (CAP)
UL/VDE Memorandom of Understanding (MOU)
UL Recognized Component Program


Note: EN standards are the IEC standards adopted by the 15 countries of the European community and each country may add various national deviations particular to their country. EN stands for "European Norm".

IEC 60950, Safety of information technology equipment
IEC 60065, Safety of audio/video equipment
IEC 61010A, Safety of laboratory equipment
IEC 60601, Safety of medical equipment
IEC 745, Safety of electric portable tools

IEC 335-1, Safety of household and similar electrical appliances
IEC 335-2, Safety of battery chargers
IEC 215, Safety of radio transmitting equipment
IEC 1040, Safety of power and energy measuring equipment for laser radiation
IEC 61508-1/-2, Safety of programmable electronic safety systems
NFPA National Electrical Code (USA NEC)
UL 60950, Safety of information technology equipment
UL 6500, Safety of audio/video equipment
UL 3101, Safety of laboratory equipment
UL 2601, Safety of medical equipment
UL 745, Safety of electric portable tools
UL 60335-1, Safety of household and similar electrical appliances
UL 1310, Safety of class 2 power units
UL 1012, Safety of power units other than class 2
UL 458, Safety of power converter/inverter systems for land and marine vehicles
UL 1564, Safety of industrial battery chargers
UL 1236, Safety of battery chargers for engine starter batteries
UL 122, Safety of photographic equipment
UL 508, Safety of industrial control equipment
UL 746C, Safety of polymeric materials for use in electrical equipment
UL 906, Safety of solenoids
UL 1577, Safety of optical isolators
DIN VDE 0884, Safety of optocouplers for electrical isolation
CSA 60950, Safety of information technology equipment
CSA 60065, Safety of audio/video equipment
CSA 107.1, Safety of general use power supplies
CSA 107.2, Safety of battery chargers
CSA 223, Safety of power supplies with extra low voltage class 2 outputs
CSA 234, Safety of component power supplies
CSA 0.4, Safety of bonding and grounding of electrical equipment
CSA 0.1, Safety of double-insulated equipment

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