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Int. + 1-919-802-4121
Int. + 1-919-882-1577

Email: info@laserproductsafety.com

Laboratory and Headquarters (map): 
Laser Product Safety, L.L.C. CARAT
8743 North Carolina Highway 751 
Durham, North Carolina 27713-6869, USA
Rep.: Mr. Kenneth J. Puckett

LPS CHINA Testing Laboratory (ASIA):
Laser Product Safety LLC
Xiamen DaXue Cheng
Building 'A' Apt. 1211
Xiamen, Siming 361005
Mr. Tawfiq Redpath - General Manager

Phone: +8613225087705
Email: tawfiq@laserproductsafety.com

Research and Development (R&D) Office:
Laser Product Safety LLC
Malibu, CA 90265 USA
Rep.: Mr. Robert W. Wilcox
Phone: Int.+1-424-234-0934
Email: robw@laserproductsafety.com

Branch Sales Office (West Coast USA):
Laser Product Safety, LLC
Los Angeles, CA 90001
Rep.: Mr. Steve Sabo
Phone: Int.+1-818-620-0711
Email: steve@laserproductsafety.com 

Branch Sales Office (Northern USA):
Laser Product Safety LLC
Chicago, IL 60007 USA
Rep.: Mr. Peter J. Boden
Phone: Int.+1-847-764-6481
Email: peter@laserproductsafety.com

Branch Sales Office (Northwest USA):
Laser Product Safety LLC
843 NW Witham Drive
Corvallis, OR 97330 USA
Rep.: Mr. Mike Gaczewski
Phone: Int.+1-541-740-6195
Email: mikeg@laserproductsafety.com

Branch Sales Offices (Europe):
Laser Product Safety LLC
Belchenstr. 38
71126 Gaufeldon Germany
Rep.: Dr. Christian Hentschel
Phone: Int.+49-7032-75791

Email: cjhentschel@web.de

Laser Product Safety LLC
Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine 76002
Rep.: Mr. Vasily Kapitan
Phone: Int.+38(095)-644-80-46
Email: kapitan@laserproductsafety.com

Branch Sales Office (Africa):
Laser Product Safety LLC
Nairobi, Kenya  Africa
Rep.: Mr. Jeff Matheka
Phone: Int.+1-919-741-1808
Email: info@laserproductsafety.com

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