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Let LPS Knowledge Transfer be your gateway to expanding your knowledge in the laser and photobiological safety, compliance and regulatory arena leading to faster TAT of your product to global market entry.  We offer customized training for:
  •         Private industry
  •         Industry Associations
  •         Governmental Agencies
  •         U.S. Military
  •         Universities
 Our SME in this arena has a stellar track record covering 30+ years supported by multiple corporate and national awards, and publications.  He is recognized as a global SME on UL and IEC safety standards, and on U.S. FDA 21CFR CDRH regulations.  He is cited in ANSI Z136.1, Safe Use of Lasers (required by OSHA).  In addition, he serves on the U.S. Technical Advisory Group TC 76 Optical Radiation Safety & Laser Equipment, and has served as an IECEE Registered Lead and Technical Assessor of laser laboratories around the globe. He holds a MS in Biomedical Engineering. Let LPS build for you the perfect customized training program or workshop that can include for you:    
  • U.S. FDA 21CFR Part 1040 Performance Standards for Light-Emitting Products, Lasers       
  • FDA CDRH Laser Notices
  • Laser Safety Officer Training
  • IEC60825-1 Safety of Laser Products
  • ANSI  Z136.1 Safe Use of Lasers
  • ANSI RP-27 Photobiological Safety of Lamps and Lamp Products
  • IEC62471 Photobiological Safety of Lamps and Lamp Systems
  • American Conference on Governmental Industrial Hygienists Threshold Limit Values and Biological Exposure Indices  Ultraviolet Radiation
Following our delivery, you will be able to understand:
  • The drivers for compliance with 21CFR Part 1040
  • Any new developments with 21CFR Part 1040
  • Application of Laser Notice 50
  • The international drivers for compliance with IEC60825-1
  • The high-level differences between IEC60825-1 Ed. 2 and Ed. 3 FDIS
  • OSHA regulations with laser labs and product installation - application of Z136.1, Safe Use of Lasers
  • The basis of ANSI RP-27, IEC62471, and their drivers
In addition, a comprehensive flow chart will be used showing how to get your product into global commerce from inception to market.   
Under LPS Knowledge Transfer, we can also consult to prepare you for audits of your laser laboratory by for example, IECEE and U.S. OSHA, and support the building of curriculums for colleges and universities using the applicable laser and photobiological safety standards as a basis for design.
Our delivery is meant to be custom made for your organization.  Depending on the subjects you choose, the course is typically 1 or 2 days. 
Course materials will be provided, as well as a certificate of course completion. We also offer continuing education services.

Click the link below for a free E-Brochure showcasing our Laser Safety Training and Knowledge Transfer Services.

Laser Safety Training Brochure.pdf

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