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Military Division
The LPS Military Division was developed to offer technical advice and assistance in the development of Department of Defense endeavors.  The vision of the LPS Military Division is to support the Department of Defense by designing and developing products that will contribute to creating the most highly trained, experienced, and technically competent workforce during peacetime or wartime as well as to serve non-combat operations.

    Mr. Perry Terhune oversees the LPS Military Division by coordinating semi-annual process reviews and serving as the Chairman of the LPS Military Divisions Management Committee.  His duties include development and implementation of program initiatives, guidance and direction of specific program actions, as well serving as liaison to various top-level military personnel.

    The goal of the LPS Military Divisions Management Committee is to assess the overall effectiveness of various products and concepts and to assist in developing program efficiency and direction.   The committee includes personnel representing high-level military expertise.  Results of testing and development are reported to the military community in order to develop products that support the needs and requirements of U.S. Military combat missions.

    LPS Military Division is also responsible for coordinating specialized training.  Some products may require the assistance of LPS personnel.  This may require some Individual Readiness Training that is designed to meet the requirements of the deployment and is meant to prepare the LPS Personnel for a specific deployment action.  On the occasions that LPS personnel are deployed into combat areas, all such assignments and deployments are coordinated with the ACCMO local commanders and are based on the needs of the U.S. Military.

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