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Software Testing Services

The following is a partial list of testing and report services we offer. If you need assistance, guidance or have questions concerning software testing and compliance, please contact us for help.  

1. UL 1998 / IEC 61508 - Standard for Safety for Software in Programmable Components - The Component Risk Analysis is in-depth testing of non-networked, embedded Semiconductor & Microcontroller software. This analysis assures that your embedded software adheres to UL 1998 standards. We verify the reliability of precision electronics by testing for software failure which could lead to fire, electric shock and injury to persons.

2. Active Test/Audit of Network Systems - The Active audit is a continuous penetration test against Laboratory I.T. infrastructure in an attempt to expose risks through demonstration.  The true security posture of the enterprise is ever changing and one-time or even semi-annual assessments cannot tell the whole story. A skilled attacker has unlimited time to gain entry into your systems. The purpose of the perpetual test is to present the real threat from malicious actors by fully exploiting vulnerabilities over time. We can supply our customers with real-time situational awareness through as-it-happens reporting consistently throughout the subscription.

3. SCADA Security assessment - The reliability and security of "Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition" systems are crucial to modern manufacturing and public utility infrastructure.  SCADA systems are multi-tiered and our professional assessment analyzes Interfaces, communications and physical endpoints in order to reveal potential avenues of abuse. We supply customers with comprehensive reporting detailing system vulnerability, exploitable conditions and detailed mitigation plans.

4. Device Penetration Testing - The Electronic device penetration test takes advantage of physical access to networked and non-networked electronics to exploit potential avenues of abuse via tampering, copy protection and malware introduction. Examples included Point-of-sale devices, Information Kiosk, E-voting machines and Internet Sweepstakes terminals. Post audit you will receive a comprehensive report detailing the what and how of potential abuses of your devices if any.

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